The Landing

May 21, 2020

Seeing the homeless community in Akron discover, experience, and live in Jesus' love for them

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The Landing

What We Do 2022:

Middlebury Chapel Dinners || Weekly, Wednesdays 

Join our neighborhood partner, Middlebury Chapel, in hosting dinner for the homeless community! 

Description: Middlebury Chapel has hosted community dinners every Wednesday night for 30 years. Their faithful presence within the community has led to 75-100 people coming for dinner on an average night. 

Connecting here can look like: greeting our homeless friends as they arrive, helping prepare and serve meal, sharing dinner and conversations with our friends at the tables and post dinner cleanup. 

Ladies Night/ Men’s Night || Monthly, 3rd Sunday

Build relationships with our community by hanging out and doing something fun! 

Description: Ladies/ Men’s Night are two separate events, both centered around a shared activity with the goal of spending intentional time with one another, so that we may develop genuine relationships within the homeless community. This gathering is usually of 10-20 people. 

Connecting here can look like: spending time with homeless ladies/ or men, whether that is through playing games, decorating cookies, open mic night etc, and establishing friendships while doing so. 

Community Events || Seasonal, Saturdays

Come celebrate a holiday, or other seasonal events with the homeless community. 

Description: Community events are a large, highly collaborative event that may be co-hosted with partner ministries/ organizations. For our homeless friends, food is often less accessible over the weekend because most services/ church meals function just throughout the week. These gatherings serve 75- 100 people and are centered around a shared meal and often meet other physical needs as well. The goal of these events are to meet people where they are and begin connecting with each other.

Ex. community cookouts, holiday gatherings, coat giveaway and chili cookoff

Connecting here can look like: event setup, greeting our homeless friends as they arrive, helping prepare and serve meals, having conversations with our homeless friends, and cleanup. 

Bible Study || Weekly

Bible Study is a time of intentional discipleship, growing closer to Jesus together, alongside our homeless friends. This space is closed for new volunteers because of the trust and depth of relationship required. However, our other opportunities to connect and develop relationships can lead into this space over time. 

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