Life is Better Together

A Village is a group of 10-40 people that has decided to live out the rhythms of the Gospel as a family. It’s the place where discipleship, family, and mission happen on a regular basis. By joining a village, you have the opportunity to grow in your faith, find family, and be propelled into mission — in the context of community.


Village Rhythms

Family Gatherings

A Family Gathering is the rhythm in which people spend time with one another and share how the Gospel is shaping them.

DNA Groups

DNA Groups (Discover, Nurture, Act) are the primary discipleship vehicle of Citizens. Groups of 3-5 people gather together to study the Bible and be transformed in community.

Proactive Mission

Villages all engage in a unified mission together, specific to their village, seeking to see people reached and transformed by the gospel.

Village Emphasis

Villages are the primary organizing structure of our church, and because of how much we value them, on the first Sunday of each month, we gather in our villages for Village Emphasis and do not meet as a whole body.

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